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Tech Media Marketing, Inc. was founded in December 2009 by President | CEO  Dave Riderreal estate internet marketing tech media marketing president Dave Rider

Prior to Starting Tech Media Marketing, Inc. Dave was a driving force in building another internet marketing company that provided websites, property search programs and search engine optimization services.

Shortly after Google bought YouTube in 2006 Dave started following the pioneering effforts of Video Marketing. As internet bandwidths and personal computing power grew, it was apparent that video was headed down the fast track of becoming the internets preferred method of viewing information online. After all – who wants to scroll and read when you cn sit back, watch and listen?
Internet Video has grown to over 200 Billion Videos viewed online in October 2011.  YouTube has become the # 2 Search Engine and more than 4 Billion videos are viwed a day on You Tube who is owned by  the # 1 Search Engine – Google.

Mr. Rider founded Tech Media Marketing with intention of helping real estate professionals market their listings with an automated video marketing system.  This system has evolved tremendously to integrate the top 3 growth areas on the internet – Video, Social Media and Mobile Media.
Tech Media Marketing, Inc’s current Automated Video Marketing System for the Real Estate Industry integrate all three into an unstoppable force in dominating real estate listing video marketing for real estate clients around the globe.

Tech Media Marketing, Inc. has evolved to helping small businesses increase the business through local internet marketing on global internet megasites like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flickr, Tumblr and Google+

Today Tech Media Marketing offers an array of internet marketing products and digital marketing strategies to help small business owners build their business online.  We provide internet marketing products that achieve real results at accessible rates for small business.

Tech Media Marketing, Inc. is based in Kirkland, WA. and provides internet marketing services to clients throughout North America and across the globe including the US, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and more.

The vision of our technical development team combined with great leadership, marketing and customer service has made Tech Media Marketing, Inc. a global leader in digital marketing services for Small Business Owners and Real Estate Companies.

Tech Media Marketing, Inc. Mission Statement:

Tech Media Marketing, Inc’s mission is to serve small business owners through providing accessible internet and digital marketing solutions, strategies, tools and coaching to help them grow their business online.

If you are looking to grow your real estate company or small business online – Tech Media Marketing, Inc. is the one stop shop for all your internet marketing needs.  Let us get you on the Fast Track to internet marketing success.real estate video marketing - listing videos and listing webpages with video

Tech Media Marketing, Inc. is your solution for:

Automated Real Estate Listing Video Marketing System
Social Media Integration
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategies
Search Engine Optimization
Video Marketing
Mobile Media
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Coaching
Text Marketing
Online Advertising
Internet Ad Campaign Management
– Google PPC or Facebook Advertising
Video SEO
Behaviorial Marketing
Email Campaigns
Website Client Conversion
Website Design
Internet Marketing Consulting

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