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What is a Conversion Driver?  Glad you asked!

A Conversion Driver is a Digital Marketing Tool designed to take website visitors and convert them into customers.  We all BWWinterCD2012-300x221know a majority of shoppers start their shopping experience on the internet.  So you create a nice website with an online shopping cart or reservation system, then spend resources driving trafic to your website through Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Email Campaigns.

Statistics show that online browsers typically visit a number of related websites before actually visiting a store or contacting a sales professional.

Our Conversion Driver Technology is designed to convert your web visitors into clients by providing a valuable incentive to motivate the potential client to walk through your door where you have the opportunity to meet face to face with them and present the advantages of working with your company, exponentially
increasing your chances of engaging in a working relationship with the client.

Click Here to View a Live Conversion Driver Example.

How Conversion Drivers Work:

We create a graphic for you to add to your website promoting the Conversion Driver Incentive to schedule a listing agent presentation or go on a home tour with one of your qualified real estate professionals.  When web visitors click through to the richcd-300x197Conversion Driver website we provide for you, they are greeted with professional graphics and a video message explaining how the incentive program works.  The potential client then submits the form on the Conversion Driver Website and is taken to a page with a certificate to print up when they come in to meet with one of your business representatives.

You receive an email lead from the form, then contact the potential client to schedule their presentation.  This type of incentivized advertising works! We provide that extra bit of leverage that motivates the potential client to meet with you in person where you have the opportunity to build a relationship face to face .

Our Conversion Driver system works.continental1100-300x206

We offer incentive based solutions like Gift Card packs, Free  Dinners or Lottery Tickets but the Gift Cards have proven to be the most effective means of converting your website visitors into clients. We are flexible, creative and willing to mold our service to work with your companies brand and Philosophy.

If you are interested in receiving an amazing return on investment for your internet marketing ad spend, fill out the form on our Contact Us Page and one of
our Internet Marketing Specialists will be in contact with you to discuss creative ideas and pricing for a Conversion Driver system for your specific business.


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