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Tech Media Marketing, Inc. employs a variety of Digital Marketing Strategies to increase the traffic to your website.

We start with a complete analysis of your existing website and traffic building strategies.webcomputervideo500x339-300x203

Once we’ve researched your existing website and internet marketing program as well as research keywords and relevant media for your business we make recommendations of strategies that best fit your business and industry for your local market area.

From Search Engine Optimization and Video Marketing to Blog Websites, Content Writing to online behavioral advertising, we offer a variety of packages to increase the traffic to your business website.

Professional Website Designs – Template or Custom

Don’t have a website? Need a new Professional Website Design?  We can help you with that as well.

Our websites offer superior SEO Capabilities and customer content management system as well as Professional Designs and Layouts.

Go to our Website page for more information on our website offerings.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization program is extensive and is based on years of search engine optimization or SEO experience. We utilize a variety of “White Hat” SEO or approved Search Engine Optimization Strategies to elevate your website to the top page of google and other search engines to significantly  increase traffic to your website.
A few of the SEO strategies we use (without giving away our secret recipe!)

Relevant keyword research and analysis
White Hat content driven keyword backlinks
Website Content Management
Article Writing and Distribution
Video Marketing and Integration
Social Media Integration
Press Releases

If your website is not coming up on the first page of google for a search for your type of business in your market area then you are missing out on additional business.

67.5% of all search engine searches started at google in December of 2013 according to Comscore. 

The organic (free) search results on search engines receive 75+ % of the click throughs to their websites while pay per click advertisers only receive less than 25% of the traffic.

Tech Media Marketing, Inc. can help you build yourbusiness online.


Testimonial ~ Attorney Jonathan Smith at Advantage Legal Group in Bellevue, WA.      

“Our website traffic is up more than 500% and we are receiving more leads and converting more clients off our website than ever.  Tech Media Marketing’s SEO program paid for itself the very first month.
My website dominates Google and YouTube for
“Bellevue Bankruptcy”   “Western Washington Bankruptcy”  and  “Seattle Mortgage Mediation”    I highly recommend Tech Media Marketing SEO services”

Jonathan Smith – Attorney at Law  –  Bellevue, WA.  

Here’s another SEO case study.  Ryder Law Office having never done any marketing in the past asked Tech media Marketing, Inc. for help with a website and Search Engine Optimization.   It takes time to optimize any website for search engines especially a brand new website at a newly registered domain name.  In less than 3 months we have them on the top search results page on google for “Edmonds Personal Injury Attorney”   Their website is #1 under the paid advertisements, they are # 1 listing in Google Places  and their marketing video we created for them is on the first page of google as well as #1 on a youtube search.   Now that’s how you gain market exposure online and drive traffic to a website. 

Effective Search Engine Optimization requires consistent distribution of quality content with keyword phrase backlinks to your website. At Tech Media Marketing, Inc. we employ a number of strategies from quality “white hat”  backlink building, article distribution, blogging, social media, video marketing and online press releases.  

Feel free to give us a call or reply to this email to set up a free 10 minute online demonstration or visit our website at  and sign up to receive our top 10 internet marketing tips for 2014.   

Already getting great traffic to your website? Let’s get your web visitors in the front door of your business!


Retargeting is THE MOST EFFECTIVE means in which to get repeat visitors to your website.  Visitors that have already shown an interest in your product or service are the most likely to buy.  Top of mind awareness!

Retargeting also referred to as Internet Remarketing.  Small Business and Real Estate Internet Retargeting is a service which Retargets your website visitors with Advertisements for your services when they visit popular national websites.  Our Participating Network of thousands of national websites will pull banner ads for your company when previous visitors to your website visit national sites like Yahoo Finance, Major Newspaper Websites,  Sports, Etc.

Internet Retargeting works amazingly well along with Tech Media Marketing Inc.™  Conversion Driver Service. The Retargeting Ads can link to  your main website or a Conversion Driver Promotion Page  which offers the leverage to motivate the potential client to schedule a face to face meeting and walk into your place of business. We can help you convert your website visitors and transform the cyber realtionship into a REAL ONE!

Pixel Targeting

Pixel Targeting is another fantastic strategy for increasing traffic to your website with qualified buyers in the market for your product or service. Pixel Targeting is similar to Retargeting in that it targets potential clients already in the market for your product or service with Ad impressions for your business.

The difference between Retargeting and Pixel Targeting is that Retargeting directs ads to previous visitors to your website and Pixel Targeting targets your ads at visitors to other industry related national websites.

Visitors to these national websites are obviously in the market for your product or service, and we can direct specific advertising to interested  buyers in your area.  This type of marketing is not directed to the masses but specifically to people in the market for your product or service in your city – Brilliant!

Retargeting and Pixel Targeting are a no-brainer for any business looking to increase their website traffic and grow their business online. Unlike television or print ads Retargeting and Pixel Targeting is inexpensive and direct your online advertising only to intersted potential clients in your area.

Retargeting and Pixel Targeting work extremely well with our Conversion Driver Service.  Retargeting and Pixel Targeting drive interested potential clients to your website and the Conversion Driver provides leverage that motivates them to visit your place of business for a face to face meeting with one of your sales professionals.

We haven proven this process over and over with a variety of industries and it works.  If you are looking for a significant Return on Investment for your internet marketing dollars, then you’ve come to the right place.


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Conversion Drivers and Pixel Targeting are Trademarks of Ascendance Digital Media Corp.

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