What is the process to get our properties listed with YouTube and other Social Networking sites?

Once the Listing data feed has been set up with your MLS or other service provider, our service will establish a YouTube Account for the account which may also be used for any purpose and post as many videos files as they wish. The tech media marketing system will take the listing photos and descriptive text from the data feed and create a video slide show of those listings coupled with a spoken text narrative created by our system.

How does the system work?

Each listing is tagged with relevant text so that shoppers can find your listings listing on YouTube. Google owns YouTube and indexes their listings in a few days. The index rankings, also known as Page Rank on Google [define], vary often and is effected by a number of factors that vary by market, time of the year, volume of listings and a number of factors that are unknown and unpublished by Google. At the same time the Agents listings will also be posted to our list of Media Sites helping the relevancy of the listings and providing broad coverage across top Internet Media sites that carry video.

How often do you update our listing videos?

Our system updates your listing information every day. When a new listing is submitted we put in the que to create the video and post to your YouTube account and social media accounts.  Depending on how many listings we have in the que this can take up to 24 to 48 hours.

Do you update listing image changes and price changes?

Our system is set to detect image changes only if the quantity of images change. If there were 5 images initially and you add new photos and the quantity changes to 10,  our system will automatically re-run a new listing video.  If the quantity of photos remains the same you need to login to your Tech Media Account and access your Monitor Tool, Search by MLS # and Click “Re-Run” for that listing video.  You can also email us at support@techmediamarketing.com  with the listing # and explanation that you want listing re-run with the new images.

Our System automatically runs new listing videos when there is a price change.  This can take 24 – 48 hours to process.

Will the system remove sold properties?

Once the listing is dropped from the data feed it is automatically removed from You Tube, the Internet channels and dropped from the indexes.

Can I change the index thumbnail image for the listing video on YouTube?

YouTube randomly selects an image from the images in the video, we have no control over which image they choose.  You can change the index thumbnail image for the listing video in your YouTube Account.
Login to your youtube account – Login information was emailed to you when your listing videos went live.

In the drop down in the upper right select Video Manager

You will see a list of videos show up. Select the check box to the left of the video you want to change the thumbnail image and click Edit Video

You will then see an edit page including 3 choices for thumbnail images.  The one highlighted in yellow is the current selection. Client on desired choice of photos and then Save Changes at upper right of page.

Takes up to  a day or so for YouTube to integrate the thumbnail change in their search results.

Background, Market Research and Philosophy about how [in-market] consumers search for properties on the Internet:

1. Consumers start at a search engine most of the time (70-90%) (1)

2. The consumer is quite clear about what they want and uses different mediums during different phases of their decision process. Simply, they go from 6-8 property ideas and narrow it down to 1 and make an offer on that one home in about a 6-8 month window. The Internet is the number # 1 media for those in the final few weeks of the decision process [in market consumers]. This means that people shopping for a property [in market consumers], in the way we are setting up the properties to be found, are closer (intend) to purchase a property than at any other phase of the process. Other media hit consumers further up the time line, further away from the decision point where they may use other mediums in larger numbers, like TV, Newspaper or information sites like Zillow, while using a more general less detailed search criteria, as they are not yet clear on what they want. While the numbers these broader medias produce are larger in raw numbers [i.e. get more traffic] they are further up the decision funnel and do not represent as many real buyers at that point in the purchase process (2).

3. Hence: Our philosophy is that by getting the individual Agent listing in front of the buyer at the final phase in the purchase process gives the Agent a better chance that their property will be chosen.


Remember you cannot find properties that are not posted so you cannot just type in anything.

Not all properties index necessarily in your market Google has 20+ server farms (rows of computers in windowless buildings) located around the US they do not all sync up at the same time. So, while someone in MN may be able to see a search for a particular property high up on Google search you in Boston may not.

Not all properties index fact is we are shooting at the sweet spot in the market for the way most real shoppers look for properties. That is, you cannot find these by just typing in any property type /city and state you, and real shoppers, need to enter enough data to find properties located locally in your market. (we focus on the way most property shoppers search for properties.) (2)

Why do you just talk about Google and not MSN or Yahoo?

While 70-90% of all property shoppers (in-market customers) turn on their computer at a search engine and start from there.(1)

Over 70% of those buyers use Google, the #1 Search Engine. YouTube, which is owned by Google, accounts for over 20% of those searches, making it the #2 Search Engine. All the others, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, combined account for less than 10% of the market share.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, represents the #2 search engine if you were to break out its numbers behind Google.

For several reasons Google indexes YouTube over other media properties:

1. Research indicates that there is a 50x better chance of landing on the front page of a Google search result (3).

2. Google, which owns YouTube, doesn’t make any money until someone clicks on a sponsored link. This Pay Per Click (PPC) [define] process is the core to Google’s success. Without it they could not provide the free or organic searches we focus on. So, if a searcher didn’t click on a Google PPC ad then that searcher may click on one of the properties that Google owns or has advertising relationships with such as YouTube.

Why do you focus on Google and YouTube?

See FAQ Why Google and not MSN or Yahoo

Received Site Up Email – What do I do next?

You will have received an email which included your log into your Tech Media and YouTube accounts

You will also need to add photos and other information to your account for each Agent to post their information properly View Training Video

If you did not receive an email from us since you signed up please Contact us and let us know. Also look in your spam filter for an email from techmediamarketing.

You can use your YouTube Log in Credentials to log into your YouTube account and review your statistics and inventory posted there.

For more on how your YouTube account works see YouTube Help File.

YouTube Reporting is called: Insight YouTube Insight Overview Video.

Social Networking

Social Networking is hot and this system will bring better search results to the Agent’s properties on Google. Google is indexing Twitter and Facebook as well  YouTube right now. The purpose of this is to get Google Search results, not have people follow the Agent on Twitter. Twitter accounts are created for the Agent and are separate from the Agent’s personal Twitter account. This feature in YouTube is called Auto Share. Agents need to set up their own Facebook account and then log into their YouTube account. Click Here follow the setup and http://tinyurl.com/youtubeshare

Account Management How do I change account information

If the information is not coming to us in your listing data feed each night you need to contact your Broker to ask them to update their records.

Administrators: you should have received your log in credentials from us when we notified you that your site was active. If you have lost or misplaced this information please send us an email to support@techmediamarketing.com using your corporate email and we will return your log in information (during business hours).

If you have your log in credentials go to http://techmediamarketing.com/blog/account and enter them there.

1. Enter your user name and password.

2. Click on Agent Info link above your corporate information on the screen

3. Click on the dot in front of the Agent record you wish to modify.

4. At the bottom of the screen click on change.

5. Edit record and save.

YouTube Account Help Files

Here is the YouTube Help file link.

YouTube Reporting is called: Insight YouTube Insight Overview Video.

Can I use my own YouTube Account?

Yes, each Broker or Account can have their own YouTube account. If you do not have an account we will provide one for you. Please remember to add the credentials (channel name/login and Password) when you sign up.

Can I join as an individual Agent even though our Broker does not?

Yes we can sign up individual Agents as long as we have access to a data feed of your listings.

How to Sign Up?

At Tech Media Marketing, Inc. we believe in providing excellence in service to our clients.  To sign up for any of our services, first fill out the form in the on our Cotact Page or give us a call at 425.835.2404  and one of our Digital Marketing Coaches will answer your questions, explain the process and take any necessary information needed to get your successful internet marketing campaign started.

We only accept the following Credit Cards and cannot afford to invoice Agents at this price point. We accept: AMEX, VISA and MC

What are the Terms of our agreement with Tech Media Marketing, Inc?

Tech Media Marketing, Inc. –  Terms Of Service

Set – Up Fee is billed to your credit card as soon as we receive all necessary information and data feed to start programming.
Monthly fee will bill to your credit card on the same day every month and Terms are month to month, no long term contract.
We require 30 days written notice to cancel the service.

If you choose to cancel you can do so in writing by submitting our Contact Us Form with the reason for cancelling.  You will have one more billing after cancellation is confirmed  and your listing video marketing service will remain active 30 days from the last billing date.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and help you dominate Real Estate Internet Video Marketing for your area.

How much does your services cost?

Fill out the form on our contact page or call 425.835.2404 and one of our Internet Marketing Specialist will be happy to assist you with questions and pricing information for our services.

Hot Links and Research

1) 87 percent of all home buyers and 94 percent of buyers age 25 to 44 years used the internet to search for homes Realtor.org study

3) The Easiest Way to a First-Page Ranking on Google

4) Pay per click defined

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