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Our approach to Real Estate Internet Marketing comes from our Founder & President Dave Rider’s over nearly a decade of experience working in the real estate internet marketing field and teaching internet marketing classes to Realtors across North America since 2003.

Step 1 – Get a good real estate website with a user friendly IDX MLS Search Program.  If you are a real estate company owner or a real estate broker or agent and you dont have a website with a good IDX program – get one.  We offer one of the Best Real Estate Website and IDX MLS Search Solutions available at very affordable rates.  Visit our Website | IDX page  for more information on quality real estate website and  IDX packages.

Step 2 – Drive Traffic to your website!  Easier said than done right?  Here are some strategies for increasing the traffic to your real estate website.

Real Estate is one of the most competitive industries for search engine paid advertising and search engine optimization.  The Top 3 organic search results on the first page receive 58% of all click throughs.  Tough to compete when you are in an industry filled with mega portal websites like Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, and that have invested millions into competing for the top search placement.

But wait just a minute – we have a solution!  The internet has changed substantially in the past few years and so have the search engine algorithms.
You want to beat the mega portal sites at their own game – you need a quality listing video marketing system, because they don’t have video, video is the one of the top website Search Engine Optimization Strategies today…. and the largest video website out there is?
you tube real estate listing video marketing
YouTube is:
1. Owned by google
2. The # 2 overall search engine
3. The 3rd most visited website in the world. 

Automated Listing Video Marketing and Video SEO 

Having your virtual tours posted on YouTube does you little good.  You need your listing videos optimized for SEO, just like your wesbite. At Tech Media Marketing, Inc. we are an Internet Marketing company first and formost, and a virtual tour company second.  What that means for you is that if you use our Automated YouTube Listing Video Marketing System for your real estate company your listing videos are going to get more and relavant views and drive additional traffic to your website through our superior Video SEO, Social Media Integration and Mobile Media Package.
Integrated Video is the # 1 Strategy to optimize your website for the search engines.  Google loves YouTube -because they own them.
Visit our Listing Video Marketing Page for more information on real estate video marketing.

Search Engine Optimization or Website SEO

There are 2 ways to get your website to the top of the search engine organic search results.

1. Paid Advertising or Pay-Per-Click
Tech Media Marketing can manage your Online Advertising if you are interested in Managed Search Services visit our Advertising Strategies page.

2. Website Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is an interesting field.  I cant tell you how many  real estate professionals have told me about their SEO horror stories.  A lot of smoke and mirrors being sold out there. Unfortunately the bad eggs in the industry have given us all a bad rap.
Unfortuantely in today’s market with over 90% of home buyers starting their home search on the internet – a top presence on the search engines can generate alot of business.  Ask Zillow – who gets over 90% of their website traffic from google and most of those visitors click back to google when they leave Zillow. They built a massive business off of google traffic.

Our Search Engine Optimization program is straight forward and simple. It involves a lot of good old fashioned roll your sleeves up put on another cup of joe – HARD WORK!  It is very time intensive, but we are good at it. We implement industry leading  on and offsite SEO techniques to give your website the competitive advantage in your local real estate market.
For more information on our Search Engine Optimization and Traffic Driving Strategies – visit our Drive Web Traffic Page.

Step 3 – Convert Website Visitors into clients.

There are two effective ways to do this.  First is using an incentive based means to capture an email for future marketing.  Second is by providing valuable industry related information that makes you an experienced expert in the eyes of the online home searcher.

We have a product called the Conversion Driver that works wonders – very effective for marketing real estate developments and getting home searchers off the computer in in your office to tour a development.  For more information on Conversion Drivers visit our Client Conversion page

Retargeting is another effective Advertising Strategy that works wonders.  If Real Estate Company owners knew the return they could get from Retargeting services every real estate company in America would be doing it. Retargeting is the most effective internet marketing strategy available today.
For more information on Retargeting Servcies visit our Advertising Strategies page.

Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Social Media and Mobile marketing create a myriad of opportunities to help optimize your website for the search engines, promote quality industry related content and engage and convert new clients.  We wont go into those strategies here – except to say that Tech Media Marketing, Inc’s
Automated YouTube Virtual Tour Marketing System integrates your Video Marketing with both Social Media and Mobile Media.

For more information on Social Media visit our Social Media page and for Mobile Media visit our Mobile Media page.

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