Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management has become increasingly important for small business owners.  The increase in local and global recommendation portal sites like yelp, yellow pages, trip advisor and hundreds more, as well as the influence and reach of social media websites like facebook, google+, Linked In and Twitter, have created the need for business owners to monitor and manage their reputation online.

We have good news, bad news and some really good news for small business owners looking to get a handle on their internet marketing and especially monitor and manage their business reputation on the internet.
First the BAD NEWS:  If one unhappy client posts an unfavorable review online, the detrimental costs in revenue loss can be astounding.  Negative reviews can have a huge impact on your business revenue.

Now for some GOOD NEWS:  Just as negative reviews can have a negative impact on your business, positive reviews can help you increase your business.  Positive reviews not only promotes a positive reputation online, it can also help the search engine rankings on certain review portal sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google+, Facebook and more.

And the REALLY GOOD NEWS:  Tech Media Marketing, Inc. has a solution that not only monitors and manages negative reviews, it helps you get more positive reviews and promotes those positive reviews online on google, YouTube and dozens of internet review websites.

Easily increase the number of positive reviews online from your happy clients and get notified by email immediately when an unhappy client post a negative review.  The sooner you know about a negative review, the sooner you can address the situation with the client as well as deal with the internal problem that caused the negative online review in the first place.

Tech Media’s online reputation product is phenomenal! It minimizes the impact of negative reviews, increases the amount of positive reviews and markets your positive reviews online.

Imagine the impact that dominating the web with positive reviews from actual happy clients can have on your business.

Contact Tech Media Marketing for a Free Online Reputation Management consultation – It’s more affordable than you might think!


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