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Ahhhh – Social Media – The big Buzz Word for Internet Marketing the past year or so!  How can you best utilize Social Media to help build your business online?

We have done extensive research on Social Media and here is what we have come up with.

Social Media is NOT about Marketing.  Marketing or posting marketing information on your social media pages will get you un-followed, un-friended and un-linked.  People dont want to get marketed to – they get enough of that.

Social Networking accounts can be very useful in helping to SEO your website for the Search Engines if done correctly. We use Social Media in the myriad of strategies we implement for our Search Engine Optimization Services.

Social Media is about engaging and converstions.  People want to see information of value that they are interested in. People want information of value and Special Deals or Discounts on your products or services.  People want to engage in converstions on topics they are interested in.  They do not want to be spammed with marketing information.  In the Social Media world Marketing can do more harm than good.

That being said it is very difficult for any outsourced company to run an effective social media campaign for you.  We can set up and customize your social media accounts and train you and your people in house how to build your network of friends and followers and how to engage them in a way to motivate them to link through to your website for more information on your business, products and servcies.

We offer Social Media Training and Coaching but you have to be willing to have someone in house to implement on a daily and weekly basis what we teach you.

Social Media 101

Step 1:  Set Up your Social Media Accounts  (We can help you with this and offer Social Media Page set up and customization to your brand)
The important Social Media or Social Networking accounts to have are Facebook Company Page, Twitter, Flickr, Linked In, Google + and Tumblr.

Step 2:  Build your network of fans, followers and contacts.  This is a challenging aspect of Social Media engagement. In order to connect or engage in converstions with people first you have to build connections.  There are many different strategies individualized to each social media system.  We cover this extensively in our Social Media Coaching Program.

Step 3:  Engagement and Conversations.  Strategies for attracting your connections attention and interaction are different for each social media system, facebook, twitter, google+, Linked In and Tumblr all have very different systems and all need to be approached in different ways. We cover this in our Social Media Coaching Program and provide step by step training and strategies for you to follow.

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