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You tube listing video marketing for real estate with social media marketingHave you seen the recent statistics for Online Video Viewing? According to comScore 43.5  Billion Videos were viewed online in the US in Dec.. 2011!
182 Million U.S. Internet Viewers watched video online in Dec 2011 at an average of 23.2 hours per viewer.

That’s alot of people spending alot of time online viewing video!

In Dec 2010,  172 Million US Internet users watched online video content for an AVERAGE of 14.6 hours per viewer.
In the past year video viewers has increased 5.8 percent  but the overall time spent viewing videos increased 58.9 percent!
Google is the # 1 Search Engine.  YouTube is the #2 Search Engine.  Google owns YouTube.

The 2 Fastest Growing areas of the Internet are Video and Social Networking.

Have you seen how young adults communicate?  Not by voice on the phone, not even by EMAIL!  They text and they instant message on Facebook, Google Talk  or they use Video ommunication Services like Skype.  These are potential Car Buyers, Hotel Guests, Home Buyers and patrons of YOUR businesses right now!

Marketing has to evolve fast in order to keep up with the changing trends in consumer environments.  Tech Media Marketing, Inc. recognizes and apppreciates these facts.  We have put together a fantastic system for Video Marketing.  Video Production, YouTube Account set up and customization as well as Social Network integration and Marketing.

All the big corporations are spending millions on these new marketing technologies and that leaves small busines in a quandry.  Either learn how to market using Video and Social Media or get left behind!

We have a solution for you!
We can provide affordable video marketing production services to create relevant marketing videos for your business or industry in your market area.  Imagine having a video delivery of your marketing message working for you 24 / 7 on your website, YouTube, Social Media and email.

Professional video marketing through Tech Media Marketing offers multiple digital marketing benefits to your small business.

  • Dominate YouTube and Google Video searches
  • Embed video on your website for increased website search engine optimization
  • Embed video across social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linked in, Google+, reddit, tumblr, pinterest and more to promote your professional marketing message
  • YouTube is the # 2 search engine and we can help get your video to the top of YouTube searches for your business in your local market

Whatever you do  DON’T GO OUT AND BUY A DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA OR FLIP CAMERA TO CREATE YOUR OWN VIDEOS!  Big Mistake!  The only thing worse than having  no marketing videos is having  really bad – poor quality videos that degrade your brand image and work against you! Think about it, if you see a video online or on a website of someone delivering their marketing pitch – without proper lighting, obviously “home made”  are you going to do business with them based on that video?  Probably not!  What does that imply about the quality of work they are willing to accept and potentially offer?

If you are interested in Video Marketing for your Company or Business – SPEND THE MONEY AND GET IT DONE RIGHT!  This is your business we are talking about here – Your Brand, Your Image – Your Professional Reputation!

We can produce a High Quality Marketing Video for $1000 including Post Production work and optimizing your new marketing video for YouTube and Google searches. The better prepared you are with your message and associated graphics the more professional your video message will be.  All Video Production Services through Tech Media Marketing. Inc. are high quality info graphic / image slideshow videos and include professional voiceover recordings and background music.

Here are some examples of Tech Media Marketing, Inc. client marketing videos:

Bridgetown Moving & Storage – Portland, Oregon.

Tech Media Marketing – Small Business Internet Marketing

Safe Ride 4 Kids – Automobile safety products for kids and pregnant mothers

RE/MAX Real Estate Agent – David Sprague – Bellevue, WA.

Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties – Sun Valley, Idaho

NW Professional Accounting – Seattle Small Business Accounting Services

Edmonds Attorney – Ryder Law Office

Give Tech Media Marketing, Inc. a call at 425-835-2404 and one of our Digital Marketing Consultants will discuss options for Video Marketing Services including integrating Video Marketing with Relevant Social Media Marketing and your Website

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